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How to choose a man’s shirt

Shirts make up a significant part of the basic wardrobe of a man – they put them on, going to work, in them he spends leisure and marks important events. As a rule, when looking at a man, they are first of all striking. Therefore, each blunder, made in choosing a shirt, immediately attracts the attention of all those around.

When buying a man’s shirt, it is important to take into account only 4 factors, but it’s only necessary to neglect any one of them – the entire image will be spoiled.

How to choose a man's shirt

The right fabric
On the one hand, it is important that the shirt does not discomfort to its owner, so it is not very tough and rough. It is desirable that it does not provoke increased sweating and does not cause allergies. To do this, the fabric should be exclusively natural fibers.
On the other hand, it is necessary that the shirt can look attractive for an extended period of time, so that it does not crumble too much and does not wear out too quickly. For such a result in the textile meet synthetic threads.

A reasonable compromise in choosing a man’s shirt is the ratio of 95% of natural and 5% of artificial threads. This fabric perfectly sits on the figure, well ventilated and does not turn into a shapeless rag after a couple of hours of socks. If it is a shirt designed not for work – about sports or home, for example – a slight negligence is only welcome. Therefore, this model can be made of pure cotton or linen.

Correct color

When choosing a shade, the features of the appearance of a man (skin color, hair, eyes) are taken into consideration as well as the purpose of the shirt. White models are suitable for all color types, but the owners of pale skin tone should prefer cold options. Men with a yellowish skin podton recommended to choose white shirts with a barely noticeable beige hue.

The next moment is compatibility with the rest of the image elements. If the shirt will be worn solo (without a suit or pullover), it is enough just to choose a good color, in harmony with the trousers.

If the shirt is purchased under the suit, it must be remembered that it should be lighter than the jacket and tie. To strict office ensembles are selected shirts of calm pale shades, from light blue to gray. If there is a contrasting strip in the costume fabric, it is ideal for the man to put on the shirt in the color of the strip.

For solemn occasions, the dress code of which involves a tuxedo and a butterfly, there are no other options except for a white-and-white shirt.

How to choose a man's shirt

Right size

The discrepancy between the size of the shirt and the size of its owner will spoil the effect even from the most expensive and exclusive model. Determine the right size allows you to measure the main parameters:

  • neck circumference – when the collar is fastened, a finger is placed between the neck, neither more nor less;

  • the length of the sleeve – the cuff reaches the wrist of the arm bent at the elbow;

  • girth of chest and waist – the buttons do not diverge on either the chest or abdomen;

  • length of the product – the dressed hem does not jump out of the trousers.

Thin men with athletic build can safely choose their models. Holders of impressive shapes should buy shirts loose cut.

The correct amount

Bad, when in the wardrobe of a man there are only a few of the same shirts. He, at least, needs to have 5 pieces for the office. Under jackets are bought classical models without pockets and other decorative elements. If corporate policy does not limit the choice of clothing official style, a man can dilute a boring gray-blue palette with one or two shirts of lavender or coffee color. The assortment of shops offers a lot of options, for example, Lebutik provides models for every taste and occasion, you can see the link https://leboutique.com/catalog/men/shirt .

For non-working meetings, more expressive colors (red or black) and various combinations of strips or cages, combined with both trousers and jeans are great. It is desirable that the summer models be sewn from a lighter soft fabric. Shirts, designed for the cold season, should be made of more dense material.

How to choose a man's shirt

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