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As a manicurist to find customers and unwind

When the time of maternity leave came to an end, I firmly decided that I would not go to work anymore. Before the birth of my daughter, I had already visited a shoe sales consultant in a large trading network, and an assistant manager and call center operator. Strict discipline, no growth prospects and a salary strictly once a month – no, thank you. I want to regulate my schedule and influence my earnings, but I will always be able to return to office walls.

Three years of art school behind the shoulders, lack of disgust, and the ability and desire to work with people determined my choice – I firmly decided that I want to become a master of nail service.

Writing to the manicure courses, I thought – here it is, a new stage of my life. I already imagined how customers become in the queue and spread in social networks photos of their beautiful pens after a visit to me. Yes, I never had any problems with self-confidence. Unlike the ability to realistically assess the situation.

The first difficulties arose in the learning process, when it became clear that pupils should find models for manicure on their own. Among my acquaintances there were many who wanted to do a manicure for free. The problem was that it was not possible to come to the procedure at the time when the training was being conducted. I had to use the public – there were quickly found candidates for both hardware manicure and build-up.

When I received the diploma, I made two conclusions:

1. I was not mistaken with the choice of profession – the very process of manicure, gel coating and nail extension I really liked.

2. To find the first clients on the nails and start really making money on manicure will not be as easy as it seemed to me – there are many pitfalls that I did not know.

As a manicurist to find customers and unwind

Preparing for promotion

So, the diploma on hands. But before looking for the first customers, it was necessary to solve three important issues.

1. Where to take clients?

Initially, I thought to work strictly at home. But, having communicated with more experienced masters of manicure, revised this decision. To gain a client base in your area of ​​the city, it may take months, but I wanted to quickly find customers and fill out my schedule.

Option – to travel to the house to customers in other areas. On the one hand, you have to spend time on roads and traffic jams, but on the other – so a beginner master of manicure to find customers more chances. Another plus – there is no need to allocate a special place at home for the reception of clients.

2. What equipment should I use?

Usually masters begin their experience with such simple services as classic or hardware manicure / pedicure. I decided to immediately look for clients to build nails. So my list of necessary equipment looked like this:

  • UV lamp;
  • gel, tips, shapes;
  • primer, degreaser, finish-gel;
  • nail scissors;
  • scapula for moving the cuticle;
  • nippers;
  • several varieties of saws;
  • consumables (sponges, bamboo sticks, pedicure struts);
  • sterilizer;
  • dry cupboard for sterilization of instruments (yes, I’m very serious about sterility!).

My first expenses for equipment amounted to about 3 thousand UAH. Fortunately, the cabinet did not have to buy – I was given it for temporary use by a friend who switched from manicure to eyelash extension.

3. What is the price for their services?

I roughly estimated how much money will be regularly spent on materials and transport, on what monthly earnings would like to go out at the start and in the future and how many customers a month I can service. Compiled the basic price – each service was about 30% lower than that of experienced masters. The most difficult thing to do is to increase the customer base.

As a manicurist to find customers and unwind

How to find clients for manicure at home: my experience

At us in the course of training the question how to find clients after courses of manicure was raised. They recommended developing a word of mouth, exchanging business cards with cosmetics boutiques and actively uploading photos to social networks.

I will tell you by the points, what steps I took to find my clients, how much I was “marketing” and what worked out of it.

1. Searching for clients in city forums

At first I found popular topics on manicure and building up in city forums and began to actively participate in the discussion. If someone was looking for a master or asking prices, I actively offered my services.

So I found my first client for a manicure and a pedicure – the girl urgently searched for the master with departure to the house, as her salon suddenly canceled the recording.

Unfortunately, this was the whole effect. At one of the forums I was immediately banned for an active PR of their services and offered to create a paid topic for 500 UAH per month. On the other, I myself did not last long – it took too much time to constantly support the activity. And the time was not enough, because the clients from other sources began to appear.

2. Ad on OLX .

I already used the OLX board for selling old things for a long time, so creating an ad with my service for me was not difficult.

The downside of OLX is that if you publish an ad for a large city in a highly competitive section, it is almost immediately replaced from the top of the list by other ads. But when I raised the ad for a fee, customers started calling.

One lift to the top of the list costs 49 UAH. You will be in the first place, while someone else does not raise your ad – after that you go lower. But I had calls even from 4th and 5th places!

The downside of this channel is that there is a very peculiar audience. Many clients who found me on OLX and registered for nail building on the day of the procedure simply did not answer the call and messages. Once it was such that the client confirmed the record, I came with a tool, and I just did not open the door.

As a manicurist to find customers and unwind

3. Profile on Barb . ua

By default, I thought that all customers find me through OLX. Imagine my surprise when one of the clients casually mentioned that she found me on Barb.ua. I registered while studying for the sake of searching and had already forgotten about it. Returning home in the shuttle bus, I went to the site through a smartphone and found my . I immediately wanted to supplement it, since there were no normal photos of my works, nor actual prices for services.

I had to call technical support to restore access – I could not remember my password. I was also explained that if I qualitatively fill my services, they will automatically rise to the top of the rubric. In fact, everything was very simple – I added descriptions and downloaded photos directly from the phone while driving home. There’s still a handy feature – you can offer customers a discount if they say they came with Barb. This way you can find out if the channel is working or not. To me from there came on a few new customers a week.

Minus this service – some customers are recorded through the site, and the application can only be viewed in your account (I’m used to being called at once). However, when I did not react to the application for a long time, manager Barb himself threw me customer data directly into Viber and even called.

Plus – in the “quality” of customers. In general, calls are more with OLX, but real records I got about the same with OLX and with Barb.

4. Profile in Instagram

I began actively to conduct my profile in Instagram already when I had some number of regular customers. And at first I did it, so that I could put my portfolio where I photographed all the works and immediately laid them out in Instagram through the application.

Over time, I got into the habit of commenting and hooting photos of other masters while I’m on the minibus, standing in line or waiting for someone. Such activity gave a result – I, too, were husked and commented, the number of subscribers raslo.

Later, I learned how to put thematic hashtags on records, and the number of subscribers began to grow even faster. I remember how I got a couple hundred likes in one day only thanks to the hashtag of # New Year’s Manicure.

Instagram as a channel for finding new customers:

  • promotion of the profile must be dealt with constantly;
  • High competition among masters of manicure.

But it all depends on you only – the more effort you put into this channel, the more new customers you find.


As a manicurist to find customers and unwind

What ways to attract customers for me did not work

In conclusion, I want to briefly list the ways that for me did not work:

1. Profile in the Vkontakte. For some time I actively led my page, added photos, invited friends. Subscribers rasli, but activity was not, and I abandoned this case.

2. The page in Pinterest. I did not understand the principle of this social network. Perhaps that’s why I did not manage to do it.

3. Business cards. Immediately after finishing the course, I printed business cards, where I specifically indicated the phone that was not used for advertising on the Internet. For a month I distributed about 300 business cards to friends, acquaintances. I threw them in the mailboxes in the entrances in the neighborhood and left them in public places. Nobody ever called me so.

Continuation of career

A year after the completion of the course, I already had a complete record and a steady influx of new customers. I liked my work, but it turned out that it was time for maternity leave again. But now I know exactly what I will do after the decree!

As a manicurist to find customers and unwind

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